The Founders of Adobe Respond to Apple through Advertising and a New Open Letter

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Apple and Adobe have always been the Kings to provide precise tools and stability to customers who needed its select service. But this perfect marriage suffered a setback with the arrival of Apple’s prodigal son, iPhone.

Apple established standards somewhat closed its successful smartphone that Adobe has never shared, and that step has damaged one of its technologies star: Adobe Flash. What we carry spring Apple and Adobe have had a bitter back and forth of accusations, which continues today with a new installment: Now are the founders of Adobe which criticize the decisions of Apple.

This duel of the Titans has its continuation in the form of advertising bombardment, and in the form of release, or Open letter (as did Apple last month) drafted by the very founders of Adobe.

Advertising (which is the image that you see on the cover) reads as follows:

We love Apple.

and continues:

What they don’t love is that someone claims is your freedom to choose what they believe, how you think and how to experience it on the web.

Clear and direct. It is clear that the position of Adobe It is not as deterrent as the Apple, but they make quite clear what they think about the policy that they have established the Cupertino regarding Flash and the web in general.

The release of Chuck Geschke y John Warnock, the founders of Adobe, focuses on remembering the achievements that have been obtained through the opening of the specifications several of its licenses most famous such as the PDF, PostScript or own Flash documents, and added that this is the position that there is to offer to continue moving forward in Internet and the free creativity of users.

The document our colleagues from Engadget translated perhaps most relevant extract all:

We believe that Apple, by taking the opposite view, has done a step that could jeopardize the next chapter of the web, the chapter in which mobile devices will outstrip computers, in which anyone can publish content, and that the content may be accessible from anywhere at any time.

Now just wait the response from Apple (if you reach Dela, view its clear-cut stance and its determination to dispense with the use of Flash).

You have all this crossing charges and releases to? any particular purpose? Do you will get Apple fill the patience of Adobe and this standing in the absence of their applications in the OS of the company Apple? Will it end Flash coming to the iPhone in the future? Will he please Google anything to do with this mess? All unknowns.