The Eternal Elegance Of the 60s Hairstyles

Years of the brilliantine

The sixties was a milestone in history, the postwar and rebellion of the young, the beginning of liberation of women from the macho ties, all contributed to this period was marked a decade of the most expressive in all sectors.

Even today, most people, even the youngest, who were not even born, look with some pride and even a touch of envy for the great advances made, for the daring, for the courage that many young people had to express their opinions and pay high Prices for it!

In addition, the sixties also marked fashion, innovations in the makeup industry, her hairstyles and elegant clothes, eternalized by magnificent women that today represent what is femininity, such as the sensual Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe and the model Of elegance and style, Jaqueline Kennedy.

The influences of the brilliantine years remain unshakable today, when the retro look goes back and forth, either through details in:


In clothes and shoes

Or hairstyles , which are one of the greatest characteristics of the look of those romantic times.

The hairstyles were generally tidy, behaved, more elegant, and nowadays, although they are adapted in day-to-day hairstyles, in a somewhat messy way, to be very present, the ends turned outwards, a landmark at the time , Still make the head of many women to create a more correct look.

So are the high cokes, the bulky hairstyles, the fluffy hair and the fringes too, the bands, scarves and other accessories that make women very feminine. All used without fear, composing, not only the retro looks, but the modern ones too!
At there are some pictures of the 60s divas with hairstyle that have made success! Recognize them in the present day!

As at the present time, styles varied from the short ones, like these, to the very long ones, and the fringeswere also of varied shapes, like this one, on the side and bulky.

The tips turned out and the root high, the women wore the lace every day!

Again, one of the icons of elegance of the time, Audrey Hepburn (photo above), now with one of the hairstyles forever: the coke high, with a delicate ornament!