The Death of The Pointer?

The pointer It is that attachment “ must ” that accompanies us since the early days of Palm and he inherited Windows Mobile Since its inception. He has been the guest of stone of the eternal controversies of the advocates of the various platforms: defenders of touch screen or non-touch screens.

The emergence of capacitive screens added a third guest to the scene in the form of touch screens that do not needed (do allowed?) the use of pointer.

We read now Microsoft It maintains its strategy to get the new Windows Mobile 6.5 in October 2009 and Windows Mobile 7 in the last quarter of 2010. The new pointing now is that Windows Mobile 6.5 you will receive an update in February 2010, an update called as “ interface ” touch ” and that will keep the two flavours of the OS: 6.5 to low ranges and averages and 7 for teams of higher performance and cost.

All this would be for clarifying the future of Windows Mobile non-touch, known as “ standard & #8221;.

It seems that everything points to the end of our “ amado & #8221; pointer He had lately seen evolve from the original format to somewhat original in the form of hanging external accessories in the Samsung Omnia or a sort of guitar in the last pointer Nokia.

Or is there a third way? Capacitive screen and pointer.