The Correct Way to Use Sunscreen

Beautiful and healthy skin needs sunscreen. Applying this product in the body doesn’t mean that the skin is protected.

Experts say that even with sunscreen, a lot of people still get sunburn.

This is a sign that the skin is unprotected and vulnerable to the harmful effects of the sun’s rays.

The sunscreen protects skin against cancer and prevents premature aging, if applied correctly. You need to learn how to use it safely. This is essential for all people.

Don’t just use a good sunscreen, but also you need to know how to apply it. Today’s post brings the most common mistakes when using sunscreen.

Mistake 1: only in the summer or on the beach

Many people use sunscreen only in summer or when they go to the beach. The harmful rays of the sun are harmful in any time. Don’t be fooled if the weather is chilly or clouded over. Remember that some stains, wrinkles and red veins on the skin can be attributed to exposure to the sun without protection. It’s not just related to the cancer. Using sunscreen every day. The skin needs to be protected in all seasons and every day.

Mistake 2: product with expired date

Many people ignore the expiration date of this type of product. That is using the same bottle of sunscreen for several seasons. What’s worse, people only use the same bottle of sunscreen when they go to the beach, for several summers. The maturity matters. The active ingredients of sunscreen can be deteriorated over time and the product ceases to be effective on sun protection. Always consider that aspect of the product. The sunscreen may say, “Oh, I can work no longer.”

Mistake 3: SPF below the suitable value for the skin

Most people use a SPF (sun protection factor) below what is suitable for their skin. In some cases, women wear makeup with sunscreen that has a very low protection factor. You must use a sunblock with SPF convenient for every type of skin. And, people who have very clear skin, allergies or very sensitive skin need to pay attention. Each case is different. Each skin varies. But usually, the SPF 30 is suitable for most people. The premise is true: it is better to use a high SPF in the skin. Another important point is to use a broad spectrum (protection against UVB and UVA).

Mistake 4: Not reapply the sunscreen

The recommendation is that the protector is reapplied every 2 hours. Many people have the habit of using a sunscreen with high SPF and think they don’t need reapplication. Or some people want to save the sunscreen and do not reapply it. And a group of people just forget to reapply it. This is one of the most common mistakes when it comes to the use of sunscreen. Remember that although there is no entry into water or a lot of sweat, the protector still needs to be reapplied more frequently.

Mistake 5: not using the proper amount

If the amount is not adequate enough, the skin is unprotected. Applying the sunscreen many times is like a solar filter to protect the skin, especially the sunscreen for the face, which is usually more expensive. As for keeping your healthy, you should spend rather than save, right?

Mistake 6: overlook some areas

Some areas of the body and the face are usually overlooked by many people. Neck, back, tip of the nose, foot and back of leg are easy to be overlooked. Are you belong to the group of people who forget to apply the protector in some area and then use the protector only when that area turns red?

Mistake 7: Skin without protection just this once

It is an illusion to think that receiving the harmful rays of the sun without protection will be no consequence. How much more exposure, more prone to skin problems caused by the sun, including the melasmas, little spots caused by the sun. Even worse, the person wants to stay a week under the sun just for get a tan.

Mistake 8: unsuitable for the facial skin

In the market, there are options for all skin types. Why not choose a product suitable for your face? The person who’s prone to get acnes should choose an oil-free (oil free) sunscreen. It also serves for mixed and oily skins. The most appropriate options are the fluid and gel. For the person who has an allergy or sensitive skin, the fragrance-free property without parabens is important. For dry skin, cream can be the most suitable. These are general tips. Of course, each case is different. A dermatologist can recommend the most appropriate skin protector.

Mistake 9: waterproof sunscreen does not need to reapply

There is no sunscreen that could remain on the skin when the skin touches water or excretes sweat. That is why we must always reapply it. Generally, it can remain resistant to water and sweat for 40-80 minutes if you’re in the water or doing an activity that generates sweat. The manufacturers also bring the recommendation on reapplying. Protect your skin.

Mistake 10: do not apply before sun exposure

Is it right to apply the sunscreen and immediately expose to the sun? It’s wrong. The protector should be applied for 15-30 minutes before exposure to the sun.

Remember that no sunscreen blocks 100% of the sun’s rays. Use sunscreen and reapply. Using sunscreen doesn’t mean you can avoid sunburning.

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