The Best Tips for the Wedding Theme

Wedding blog-Tina from the blog “since we met” will immediately tell for of their wedding and tell us their best tips and tricks on the subject of “stress-free to marry”

Tina from the blog “since we met”

Dear readers,

Today, I start my blog on He help the many to do there all wedding interested and soon brides, you come to, as soon as you once said “Yes”.

Who writes?

My name is Tina. I am 27 years old and live with my husband, our daughter and a chocolate brown Labrador in North Rhine-Westphalia. Many years ago I started blogging. Start without many thoughts about me. I was only looking for a platform where I could capture experiences and ideas and share. Since the year 2013, I run the blog “since we met”. The topics there are varied and range from “Family”, “Beauty” and “Recipes” for stories that meet me (and a second author) in everyday life. Now has “since we met” plenty of loyal readers. Except on my blog, I am active in Instagram. You can find me there under the name “capriceetdelice”. Every day I share there pictures that inspire me.

Like I blogging about started getting married?

The desire to take up the topic of “Wedding” on my blog came from WEDDINGJUST. In the context of my own wedding, I started a “I think I want Donna you” series affiliated. The amounts of this series deal with the preparations on my big day and serve me in retrospect as a beautiful memory. The feedback to the series was wonderful and many readers used the contributions as a guide for planning their own wedding. Our wedding day was finally behind us, which was followed by “Wedding Day” series. Here I wrote “Getting Ready” and the “free wedding” on important issues such as for example “Registry Office”, and drawn a conclusion. Did we leave the planning makes sense? Had we forget important points? What else we should plan?

With structured planning you can master your wedding links

We have engaged us in January, married in early August. Some friends and acquaintances called the “sporty” but looking back, we had enough time to set everything. Without any stress. Now, we already have our first wedding day behind us and the theme “Marriage” is no longer very present on my blog. For this I am me, however, and when questions like “Where should we get married?”, “When?”, “What documents do we need for the squad?” via to help you organize your wedding, “Should we choose his or my last name?”, “What wedding dress is right for me?” to support. Everything can be overcome with structured planning. You do not expire so please panic, your hand should stop your love under the Christmas tree or on new year’s Eve – nothing in the way of a 2016 summer wedding!

I look forward to give you my best tips on the way to and soon even when “since we met ” or to welcome my Instagram Account .