The Best Screens on The Market Faced a Curious Comparison

We are in the middle of the summer, it is a situation that I would serve as an excuse to publish a video of these features, but the reality is that we have many interesting news in recent days and is more complicated, yet decided to share it with you.

In the video of the Italians HDBlog We can see seven of the most important phones on the market, the reason behind this meeting is the comparison of their screens, in the same conditions of brightness (to maximum) and showing the same information. To make more complete the showdown, the phones have been recorded under different conditions, indoor, outdoor, and in the darkness.

We must bear in mind that such tests are not the best of assessments, but if we can get an idea and draw some conclusions on the matter. For operating systems, we find the following terminals:

  • Windows Mobile: HTC Touch Pro2, Omnia and Omnia II.
  • Android: Samsung i7500 Galaxy and HTC Hero.
  • Symbian: Samsung Omnia i8910 HD.
  • In the case of the iPhone, has been chosen the version 3 g, a point of reference in quality, despite having not changed much from the original iPhone.

Normal conditions

The first conclusion to the video terminal is that the three terminals Samsung technology AMOLED: Omnia HD, Omnia II and Galaxy, stand out against its adversaries with more vivid and pleasant images.

In a second League seem to be the iPhone 3 g with a slight advantage over the HTC Hero, and one step behind the HTC Touch Pro2.

Samsung Omnia original is quite remote from most modern competitors, had not been wrong a change of representative for the Nokia N97 or the Palm Pre.

Lots of light

In situations with lots of light, the Sun, the order of applicants changes, in this case iPhone 3GS shows the most valid of the comparison, we found just behind Samsung AMOLED phones, and finally Windows Mobile phones.

Lack of external light

If the environment in which we operate is darkness or interior, AMOLED phones they win the game again, with an unexpectedly low yields in the iPhone 3GS, but better than the rest of competitors.


Finishing with this unique test, and without wanting to determine this form which has the best screen, we can conclude that the AMOLED technology is the way to go, because not only for quality but for autonomy, but also giving a place of reference to the terminal of Apple, which does very well in almost all the tests.