The Best Apps for Sports

Ends the operation”French toast” and We put us squarely in the “operation bikini” to prepare us for the next summer. Although the ideal is to keep us in shape and a diet balanced throughout the year, we know that many times this does not occur, and towards the month of April begin to us the rush to see us well with the summer clothes.

The Best Apps for Sports

Because we cannot turn back the clock and want to have started earlier, but yes you can start now to take care of you: is always a good time to start. To make it a little easier we bring you a selection of apps that can help you to reach the summer in tip-top shape. Apps running, training and yoga will help you to make a complete work. Download them and started?

The best apps from running

  • Runtastic: without a doubt one of my favorite, in fact was that I used before using the own my heart rate monitor (TomTom Sports). Runtastic app allows us to record our outdoor analyzing our speed, pace, best kilometers and careers not only in continuous race: also allows us to perform HIIT workouts or series (you can choose which come already programmed or create your). A good way to keep a diary of running and training go see how improved with the passage of time. IOS, Android, and Windows Phone.
  • NIKE + Running: the native app from Nike for runners. A classic that is also a social network where sign up to various challenges and share km with your friends and your followers. Interesting because from the same application we can control the music from our session, by choosing our own Powersong: that song that puts truth batteries when sounds and that helps give a little more of us when they fail us forces. IOS and Android.
  • Zombies, run!: If what you want is to run and pass a good time, Zombies, run! It is the app for you. Not only quantify your outputs, know how much you run and at what speed, but running training becomes a sort of role-playing game that have to run avoiding that they hunt you zombies and getting rewards. A fun and entertaining way to gamify your outputs. IOS and Android.

The best apps for training

  • Freeletics bodyweight: stoy is that now used for training outside of the gym. In this application have at our disposal a lot of trainings that do not require material (or require simply a bar to hang or wall to support us) that will test of truth to your muscles. Short but very intense full body workouts in which we have to comply with all the repetitions in the shortest possible time. It has videos of all the exercises so that you know exactly how they are made. There is a part of payment if we want to use the coach, but sive very well if you only want to know those workouts and apply them. IOS and Android.
  • Mammoth Hunters: If you are interested in the training and diet paleo, this application will be very helpful. Mammoth Hunters offers trainings of type paleo in those who work with the primary movements of the human being (run, climb, crawl, jump…). Do not need any type of material and It’s perfect to bring mobile and outdoor train. It is a payment app, but offers 12 free training sessions to test it. It also contains nutrition tips and recipes from the diet paleo, based on what our ancestors ate (none of the processed products or sugar, among others). IOS and Android.
  • Nike + Training Club: another application of Nike, which brings the lead to other sports brands in terms of integration of native applications on the mobile. This app gives us examples of training routines, short and very affordable, some without material and other elements that can be found in any gym. They highlight their explanatory videos of every exercise, where we can see the technique to avoid possible injury or pathologies. IOS and Android.

The best apps for Yoga

  • iYoga: one of the best apps of Yoga from the ABBREVIATIONFINDER, no doubt, and ideal for those that you are starting in the Yoga world right now. In the application we can find videos of each asana or posture through the different muscle groups, In addition to complete training routines divided by levels and duration. With this app you will also learn how to perform transitions between different positions, something that skipping some of the other apps that are available. 1.99 euros, available only in IOS.
  • Simply Yoga: Perhaps the best known application of Yoga online. In its free version will guide us through three sessions of 20, 40 and 60 minutes Yoga in which passed by different postures or asanas for a complete workout. Longer training, the poses are also more complicated: can perform the training of 10 minutes until we are able to realiazrlo easily and then move to the following. Very interesting to get to know the main asanas of Yoga, always guided video. IOS and Android.
  • Daily Yoga: Please, it is one of unique apps of Yoga that I know In Spanish. Against, in its free version only has three workouts, while for others there are to download the PRO version (5.99 euros a month). OS I recommend you to download the free version and take a look, for example, to the sequence of the greeting to the Sun, which is one that we do not need subscription: have access to a video in which the sequence is is carried out and at the same time an audio in Spanish that guides us all the time. IOS and Android.

With these apps you have no excuse to not get in shape of face to the summer. And remember: yesterday was the best day to start, and the following day is today.