Telephone Comes Officially to Spain

Telephone is a Chinese company that most likely sound you of some other devices that have already presented, as the P9000 telephone, whose specifications are high-end in some respects and range media in other. Always tried to, with more or less success, competing with other Chinese manufacturers in their home country.

But now the time of expansion, has reached them and have chosen to Spain as their next destination, and does so with a sales channel official in this country both through the web and through physical stores, as well as a service of guarantees in the Spanish territory. Obviously, this will mean that the terminals will be slightly more expensive in Exchange for having the tranquility of a guarantee in Spain.

Telephone is a Chinese manufacturer which was founded in 2006 and that, although notable for smartphones, not they devoted exclusively to these products. We can also find Smartwatches as telephone W2 which, although it is called so, has enough several characteristics of a normal mechanical clock, but which stands out for its 3 months of autonomy.

We can also find in your store action cameras If we are a restless life, as well as accessories for some of its smartphones. Some of the most outstanding terminals of this manufacturer can be an attempted resurrection of the 2-inch screens or telephone P8000 and generous battery of 4,165 mAh.

Telephone S7: the next terminal of the Chinese brand

Apparently the Chinese manufacturer will not come to Spain empty-handed, but that it will bring a terminal, the Telephone S7, the first handset to come. This terminal is available this week (the last of September) in our country with its warranty in this country and all expected. For more forward is expected to telephone R9 reach us also.

The specifications of the telephone S7, that mimics the curvature of the screen of the Galaxy S7 Edge, are a 10 MediaTek core processor (probably the) Helium 20 X), 3 GB RAM, 32 GB of storage and a screen (with those curved edges) of 5.5 inch and FullHD resolution. In terms of cameras, will come with a resolution of 16 MP back and front 8 MP.

The price of the terminal, according to the manufacturer, will be below the € 100, a very attractive price, taking into account that would have guaranteed in Spain. When we can get the hands on the terminal you will see if your specifications correspond to the experience expected of a mobile phone such.