Table Decorations Using Floating Candles

If on the eve of a holiday or a reception, you are concerned about the decoration of the table, and the preparation time is short, we hasten to share with you a wonderful and easy-to-design idea. Floating candles in simple glass vases look very original, you can create a decoration in a matter of minutes, bringing imagination and the means at hand.

For the basics will suit any transparent container such as a vase in the shape of a cylinder or a glass. The main highlight of the scenery is its content, as which can act a variety of bright objects – flowers, stones, shells, fruits, beads and so on. The remaining space should be filled with water and carefully so as not to wet the wick, the candle placed upstairs. Here at you can get more different models and various chic current styles of the candles in the home decoration fashion.

If your budget is tight, keep in mind that the floating candles will cost much cheaper than regular wax candles that height. Spending a couple of minutes, you are guaranteed to get a few hours of pleasant emotions and compliments as a sign of admiration from your guests.