Swatch Watch Technology

Who says Swatch says clock. And Yes, that’s indeed since 1883 the historian Swiss brand on the market models of watches, ones that have made the history of this precious accessory. Colorful, imaginative, and resistant: we have this idea of Swatch watches, and this is precisely the spirit that has marked the Swiss brand throughout its history. However, being in 2014, Swatch has put “behind the times” and produced the modern watches, from “tech” taste.

Of course, when I talk about watches “tech”, I mean those Advanced models and they can count on, for example, touch screen, fast connectivity to the network, and even built-in camera, just to mention some of the latest generation components offered in the market. Obviously, the “appeal” of modernity could not resist either Swatch, which proposed the collection “Touch”, inspired by the street and urban and able to give the wrist a twist “very trendy”. “Tech” watches from Swatch give access to 6 digital functions: time, date, Chrono, alarm, timer and beef. Therefore not further temporeggiamo and let’s see what are the models of watches Swatch more “tech”, surely the farthest from the “tradition” of the Swiss brand but closer to the tastes of modern times.

Swatch, Classic Carbon clock Fever

This first model Swatch presents digital dial and silicone strap with buckle closure. Available in various colors, this is a watch with convenient functions (as an alarm clock, stopwatch and lighting) and durable plastic screen. It is a model from the collection Swatch 2013 and the price is around 110 euros.

Swatch, clock TOUCH touchscreen display

This exquisite model Swatch presents dial with a rectangular shape and is fitted with mineral glass touchscreen display. Thanks to the touch you can interact easily with a simple finger, though not particularly advanced features are included. Available in various colours and in both male and female, Swatch TOUCH price is about 108 euros.