Summer 2016: Enamels Collection “Ocean Color” Impala

Goodbye sober colours. Now is the time of the summer!

Summer … Heat! Heat! Heat! And very colorful!

The fashion spring-summer 2016 arrive with everything in the universe of beauty.

The hottest season of the year blends with cheerful colours and that transmit freshness and typical lighting of the station.

One of the things that combines with the summer is the sea! How about maritime-inspired nail polish?

The new collection of enamels Impala brings this theme and explores the softness and, at the same time, the brightness of the ocean.

Ocean Colors Collection!

Pastel color, smoothness, gloss, glitter. The mark shows that the pearly glazes are with everything! Nearly all have this type of finish.

The enamel with glitter still with everything this season. Glazes for those who like a more delicate proposition or flashy fingernails.

The nail polishes in this collection are:

  • Red coral: coral red (creamy glaze);
  • Feet in the sand: “burned” (Pearly gold particles);
  • Sea Pearl: pastel pink pearl (Pearly);
  • Sweet Ocean: blue (Pearly);
  • Shells: green with glittering effects (Pearly);
  • Brightness of the Mermaid: enamel fish scale effect (according to the brand). Has green hexagon glitters;
  • Crystal blue: blue (enamel with glitter);
  • Living water: purple with grey touch (Pearly).

There are very beautiful colors, especially the softer colors. To play with the colors.

Try using the sets of nails painted a different color!

At the same time, there are colors that do not present any novelty in polish market.

The brightness is something that will be very present in the summer fashion, but these glazes with glitter are already saturated the market. There are so many options, so many colors, of various brands.

Lilac does not give more! There has been an “overdose” of lilac in glazes, with several releases of past collections (including his own Impala). The sea can inspire other possibilities. Isn’t that right?

Want to know what you think! Enjoyed these glazes of Impala? Comment!