Spider-Man Face Makeup

One of the favorite superhero of children is Spider-man. For this reason it is easy to see the day of Carnival several mini Spider-mans by the city and by this reason is one of the makeup of face children more demanding.

A few days ago to celebrate the birthday of my children and nephews (all were born in January) and we were painting the face to some of them. Jon, my son, ended up being the aforementioned superhero, so I took the opportunity to take some pictures in order to show the step by step here.

There are several versions on the Internet of Spider-man face makeup, but this I bring is one of them I believe that there are better (that so I’ve adapted it).

I leave you with the step by step photos and apologies for the “amateur” nature of the same. I am not a very good photographer and not too accompanied by ambient light.

Here’s Jon with face of circumstance, not too convinced that going to prepare.

Speaking of prepare, for painting the face of a child need, basically, makeup from face of different colors (in this case blue, red, white and black).

We begin to paint the red face. In this case we skip us greatly the forehead, nose, lips and Chin. It seems bit but believe me, you don’t have to abuse red because with little achieved very good results.

Then paint the entire area that is around the eye of white (not you miss Jon face, between clamps in the head and percale, normal that this facet…).

The base of the painting is now. Would now have to define the lines of the mask of Spider-man, for that we will use black makeup. Also you may be touches of white-on-black lines to give a bit of depth. In my case is not too note, I must say it.