Spain Becomes The Subsidiary of Vodafone with More Contract Customers

Vodafone It presented the report concerning the last quarter of 2009 with good for the whole getting increase their income by 10.27% although Spain resists and only manages to stop the fall, yielding 6.8% of revenue. But so most highlighted the Spanish subsidiary in the latest report by becoming which has more contract customers.

From Vodafone Spain they insisted for months that the bad results presented by the CMT are due to the loss of users of card prepayment (266,000 less in October for the cleaning of customers) but which enjoy good health among the contract and looks like they were right.

According to the report, for the first time in four quarters, voice minutes consumption grows Although the turnover is less because prices and termination rates are also but this data shows that the fall in consumption of telecommunications in Spain may have bottomed.

Vodafone has managed to improve the quality of its client portfolio raising the percentage of paid contract (the value) to the 60.9% and it has achieved centrando its strategy on recruitment and retention of these since they consume more and are more faithful than the prepaid.

As it has been happening in recent months, the momentum operator income is due to the increase in data services mobility and curiously, primarily by increasing ADSL customers, business in which the operator has had resisted until little more than one year ago.