Sony Has Thrown to United States without Fingerprint Sensor in Its Xperia

I have to admit that Sony is a company that I like enough based on the good experience I’ve had so far with their smartphones, but it is also true that in recent years it has made decisions not being them, or from a distance, the road to success. To such an extent they have failed are in a delicate situation.

One of those choices took them early this year, when, as you may recall, they decided that the Z5 Xperia and Z5 Compact reached United States without fingerprint reader, something that will be sitting to the public in that country as a kick in the shins. Unfortunately, has the same thing happened with the XZ Xperia and X Compact.

What are the reasons for Sony to make this decision again?

First of all, should be clear that it is not 100% sure that the XZ Xperia and X Compact to reach the United States finally without fingerprint sensor, but on the official website of the manufacturer in that country this feature is not mentioned, as if it is in the Spanish web, and that happened the same thing with the Z5 Xperia and Z5 Compact, I would be sure to 90%.

Saying this, the reasons that with the flagships of earlier this year gave the manufacturer Nippon was that It was due to “business strategy”. Me know what business strategy is that, the of scaring away customers from United States?, because if it is that, are hitting full.

There are who would even think that it could be because fingerprint sensors cost your money and want to save costs. This perhaps It would have been valid a couple of years ago, When they were not so widespread, but now, that almost give them away with cereals, this theory would be meaningless, and far as I know the price difference would not be, for nothing, too large with the rest of the markets.

Could this happen in Spain?

It is really difficult, after already submitting two batches of terminals of its Xperia family, Sony decided, so for good, take out their future smartphones without sensor traces to Spain. If the thing already is difficult here with their complete terminals, imagine if you remove the fingerprint sensor, It would almost pay customers so they would have their phones.

Beyond the fingerprint sensor, Xperia handsets are really good and light interface, but that a person does not see it until you buy it, and if you are interested in a phone with fingerprint sensor and sell you one without it, you can be sure that ever will know the benefits that it can provide that phone.

Today I see really difficult for Sony to make this decision, even in spite of the situation which is going through its mobile division, especially because, as I have said above, It is hard to piece is expensive enough as to, not to include it, considerably lower price.

Could they delete fingerprint sensors for the Xperia in Spain in the future? By power, they could, but it would give many, many explanations to a lot of angry customers who, of course, would seek an alternative brand. Sony will have to care much for your strategy hereafter if they don’t want to end up failing in the mobile market.