Somewhat Drastic Method to Unlock an IPhone

There are multiple and varied ways to unlock an iPhone of restrictions that keep it tied to an operator that maintains exclusivity. But certainly the most aggressive is the the latest version of the Baseband manual reprogramming, the 05.12.01 on iPhone 3gs with OS 3.1.3 version. This for the most effective method, at least for the moment, is the chip desemsamblaje as such, as you can see in the video that you have then.

This implies the dismantling almost out of the terminal to load a previous version of the modem device, the 04.26, with the help of a small netbook and the skilled hands of a technician’s shop in Istanbul, place where it has been recorded all operation, in the strict sense of the word. Probably are few users who opt for such drastic measures, even with the approval of the iPhone Dev Team.

The skill of the technician who carries out the operation clearly indicates that it is not the first time, and probably not the last, disarming an iPhone. Still more surprising yet how simple that is the extraction of the chip of the modem for its subsequent welding Once the reprogramming of the.

Operation that, on the other hand, will be very useful for those users who do not intend to ever update iPhone OS device, since this will void all of the above procedure.