Solid Perfume 2015

Here come the solid perfumes 2015 with all the news and fragrances to try . From Lush to L’erbolario, Penhaligon’s and many other fragrances compact, to buy, collect and give thanks to their packaging and packaging perturbing. Discover them in this unique collection.

When we think of a classic perfume spray perfume always imagine that generally is encased in a nice bottle.

Instead, there are also solid perfumes 2015 , this has seen the re-launch of this type of “compact” scent, attractive and usually “locked up” even in a nice package that makes you really want to try it.

The solid perfumes 2015, arrived in Italy only recently, are a must-have in America and Japan and are so many. Obviously all appetibilissimi, varying according to the costs, to fragrances and tastes.

The first solid perfume, according to legend, was created in 1925 by Molinard and it was enclosed in a small box that resembled a beautiful jewel.

Estée Lauder, starting the years ‘ 60 then produced the “solid perfumes” still collecting with costs that often exceed 500 euros, as in the case of luxury perfumes collectibles.

But how to navigate in this new world of solid perfumes 2015 with all the news and new fragrances?

Well, in the meantime you have to try the new thrill of a solid perfume in order to understand the original effect. Applied with your fingertips behind the ear lobes, inner cuffs, in the hollow of her neck and knees, solid fragrances they release, due to the blood flow, a soft fragrance and more “powdery” spray perfume.

Regarding fragrances and prices, it must be said that vary a lot depending on your tastes and budgets. But we see the news and fragrances to try for that 2015.

Exception are the solid perfumes in the packaging of silver like those of Penhaligon’s Bluebell posing, Lily & Spicy and Artemisia presented in small, precious and fine silver boxes.