Snowshoe Hiking – the New Trend For Everyone

Tired of skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing or sledding? Looking for something new? There are certainly still other ways to enjoy the winter actively. One of these alternatives is the snow shoe hiking with security.

Since the mid-90s enjoys this kind of winter movement popularity – especially for those who can not go skiing or which doesn’t matter on fast descents. Because the attraction of snowshoe hiking lies elsewhere: snowy and untouched winter landscapes, peace and seclusion, fresh air and the quiet crunching of powder snow, which can be heard at every step.

Fully to enjoy all of this, it is advisable to set the proper equipment. In addition to out clothing, especially the snow shoes are crucial. Because they prevent the consuming power sinking into the soft and deep powder snow. No special shoes, such as in skiing, are necessary for the common snowshoe models – most manufacturers put on strap bindings which are suitable for all snow-capable and solid hiking boots. Ski poles with large snow plates provide additional relief while hiking. The extent of the necessary equipment is quite manageable and more cost-effective than many other winter activity.

Snow-shoe hiking goes everywhere, where there is snow, whether in the flat or in the hilly right up to the alpine area – in these areas an avalanche equipment is however essential. Even without expensive ski, snowshoeing is thus quite to a full-day employment.

Nice side-effect: A hike with snowshoes is a true fat burner – whopping 700 kcal are burned every hour!

What is there so still thinking? Matching equipment set, out in nature and goes off it!

Snowshoes from MSR

The American outdoor specialist MSR offers the appropriate snow shoes for everyone. The shoes of the lightning series are the lightest in their class, and have
sophisticated bindings with revolutionary traction. They are available as a unisex – and women’s model.

The new MSR Lightning Axis compensates inside or outside perfectly with its innovative binding foot malpositions. Easily and quickly the binding per three settings can be, turned to the right or to the left which ensures a parallel, more efficient and more comfortable step. The patented 360° traction frame made of aircraft aluminum is perfect grip in any terrain. For deep snow tours or tours with heavy luggage, there are optional extensions to the plug.

The MSR women’s lightning axis is almost identical, but has a small feature: for women, the snowshoe is narrower cut and adapted perfectly to the female gang. Optional extensions are available for this model.

The new MSR lightning flash is the perfect entry-level as well as suitable for advanced snowshoe fans. The light and soft snow shoe is ideal to give gas right in the snow. A special women’s model and extensions are available for this model.

The MSR Shift children’s snow shoe is equipped as the models for adults as opposed to other snowshoes designed “just for kids”, with the same traction and performance. It is designed to fit also fast-growing children at the age from 7 to 12 years. The shift is the right choice for active families.

There are snowshoes from MSR and other brands in the outdoor shop at, by the way.