Snapkeys Yes, a Keyboard That Allows You to See What You’Re Typing While It Predicts The Words

Snapkeys Yes It is a new commitment to the world of keyboards for Android, a sector dominated by Swiftkey and Swype. Its main asset is that it seeks to provide a user experience that allows you to see the entire screen without keyboard interfere and at the same time to predict what you want to write.

The operation is complex to explain without a video of involved, what does having a very sharp learning curve. There are four blocks of different colors on the sides of the screen, each with three letters, which gives us a total of twelve letters, while the rest are in the space between the squares. To introduce letters will press the square containing the letter (it is not necessary to click exactly on the letter) or if it is not, click the Center.

Based on the various pulsations in squares or in the soft space, on one side of the screen will appear a few suggestions of words. If it is not there we can add it with a more complete keyboard which we access with a gesture and introduce the word to make it appear on the upcoming suggestions.

The idea and the integration is good, but it has two big flaws. The first is that It is not intuitive, What makes anyone who wants to give him a chance will have to invest time and effort to get enough ease when you are possibly adapted to other keyboards such as those already mentioned at the beginning.

The second big problem is that It is only in English for the time being. This would not be a nuisance if the application were not a keyboard that greatly need a dictionary, write in Spanish, French, German or any other language that is not English is an almost impossible task. By the time the keyboard is in beta, waiting that expand the number of languages.

Snapkeys Yes Version

  • Version of Android: from 2.3.3
  • Developer: Snapkeys
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: free
  • Category: Keyboards

SnapKeys if (BETA) revolutionizes your social interaction on your mobile, and it’s free.
The SnapKeys Si keyboard opens the world (e.g. photos, messages, videos, games, emails, etc.) on the screen of your mobile device by revolutionizing the way we interact with each other – something that has not been possible until now.
SnapKeys if it is the only onscreen keyboard that lets you view your entire screen while typing faster and more comfortably than any other keyboard. Use if to better socialize: with only 4 keys!