Smoky Eyes How to Step by Step

Smoky eyes how to-step by step

Smoky eyes makeup values look so that make appeals in full. To do a make of smoky eyes is not as difficult as it seems. The blur or smoky eye never goes out of style and make the blur in the eyes to some women is complicated but it is not! just use the right brush for blending, and be careful when mixing the colors of shadow on the right line in order to avoid marks.

When esfumamos or smoked a shadow should bear in mind that she must stay in the gradient and not letting visually marking from one color to the other.


You just need to correct material and a little patience the great trick of the makeup part is knowing spread well the shadow and find where the concave of the eye from this base you need only know spread well chosen shadow that most times the markup is by dark shades between them; Black, Brown, grey.

You can make eyes with any smoky shadow color since it is well pigmented. Remember that before you start any makeup skin should be clean, hydrated, with concealer and base. Then start putting makeup on your eyes. Can you contest a shadow using the fingers, cotton swab, but the ideal is to use the brush for blending, sold in any cosmetic store, these brushes help and vanishing in the right measure the concave.

Step by step for beginners to vanish into the shadows:

1- Start the eye makeup going through the black pencil across the mobile eyelid. No need to worry about leaving him right, since the next step is to esfumá it

2- Now with your fingertip, give Pat, vanishing the pencil until the concave. This black base will intensify the color of the shadow to come over

3- Then get the fluffy brush, apply a gray shadow over the pencil. Reapply until the desired intensity.

4- This step is important, apply the darkest shadow in the outer corner of the eyelid, moving smoothly on mobile the shadow before.

5- Now get the same shade darker until the concave, faded with long moves back-and-forth. Also pass close to the lower lashes.

6- Then use your fingertips, apply the pink shadow below the eyebrow arch, to lift the look.

7- Now take the pencil that you used in the first step, trace a line close to the top and bottom lashes. Apply the black shadow on the pencil, to make it last longer.

8- To finish the eye that smudges lit up again using the finger tip, apply an illuminator in the inside corner of the eye and vanish, to clear the area and highlight the eyes.

9- Now it’s just perfect in applying the mascara. And hazy eyes are ready!

It was hard to understand just by reading? so it’s worth watching the videos below that we split up with various ways to dissolve into the shadows home alone without any mystery.