Smart Alarm Clock with Dozens of Configuration Options

The application is the most intelligent alarm clock available for Android. The Turbo Alarm is free, free of advertisements and offers dozens of settings, plus smart features like the “robot watch” and detection of ambient light to stop the alarm.

Our Opinion

According to EHOTELAT, the Turbo Alarm is larger and more intelligent alarm clock available in PlayStore. The application is highly configurable, with options and features never used. In addition, he has a “robot” that captures the sounds and movements in the environment, adapting the alarm.

In addition to the common alarm tones, the application allows you to define a whole music folder as alarm tone by setting at random a song for every day I wake up. There is also the possibility to define a volume that raises or lowers automatically. The alarm can also display the weather forecast to awaken. As well as allows you to define different ways of stopping the alarm clock; drawing a letter with touch screen, ambient light detection, shaking the device and etc.

The Turbo Alarm can be configured to function as a “robot” which will capture sounds and movements at night, to understand and adapt to the user, optimizing the alarm. The downside of the app goes to your simplistic design and visual tiring.