Skinny Jeans: How to Combine and Use

The skinny Jeans are getting more and more popular, and many women are wondering what to wear with them. In fact, the skinny jeans are very easy to combine with several types of tops and shoes. But it all depends on your personal taste and style. Check out some basic tips on how to wear skinny jeans based on fashion trends this year.


  1. Which shirt use with skinny pants?Is probably the most common question about how to wear skinny jeans. You have to choose the ideal sweater for your body type and consider in that environment you will use it.
    Skinny is good with tunics in different styles. She makes a good contrast when used tight jeans and top more loosey-goosey. Longer tunics can help you hide some extra pounds you gained during the winter. Make sure that the tunic color matches the color of your jeans, but don’t be afraid to use contrasting colors. A strong trend this year is the skinny Tie Dye used in a robe a little darker. A great combination is also beige Brown tunic with jeans.
  2. What kind of shoes to wear with skinny pants?Skinny pants are pretty universal parts of clothes and you really can use almost any kind of shoes with them, including sneakers and slippers. In case you like to look elegant, you must wear heels with your jeans in the summer and spring, days are super stylish boots with folded jeans bars, in the cooler months.
    Skinny jeans are also very well in combination with high heels. Looks very stylish and is suitable for evening events, such as dinners and parties.
  3. How to use accessories with skinny jeans?There is no universal answer to this question. It really depends on what you’re wearing with their skinny jeans, the occasion for which you are wearing and also for your style and personal taste.
    Is it legal to combination of skinny jeans, tunic or blouse and long Pearl necklace.

    And colorful skinny?

    Jeans are usually of neutral color can be used with anything in our closet. What happens is that when this has a neutral color, so it does not work well with what you usually wear with jeans. Take into account the tone of the blouse and the tone of the jeans. Try the combination of jeans and shirt, top or accessory that you choose to mount a combination with your guy. Think of modern combinations like emerald green and turquoise, Fuchsia and orange, yellow or blue and electric.