Siri Running on The IPhone 4 as an Unofficial

One of the features of iOS 5 that caused more excitement is Siri, the virtual assistant of Apple, but unfortunately it is only available on the iPhone 4S — according to the Cupertino due to technical needs that requires — but this weekend has jumped the news that a developer named Steven Troughton-Smith has managed to hack it.

Had been previously achieved include the application in the iPhone 4 but this was not enough since it was necessary to Siri were communicating with Apple servers, just what Steven Troughton-Smith has achieved. Obviously to do this it was necessary that the iPhone have done jailbreak.

The developer has managed to Siri work in the iPhone 4 and in the iPod Touch -in this case with some hardware limitations – said that does not intend to publish the application, but obviously once has shown that it can be done, it is very likely that someone repeat it and publish the application.

Has also published a video which shows the performance of Siri in the iPhone 4 and compared with the iPhone 4S with a very similar performance, so it takes strength theory that Apple It has been used Siri as a strategy for positioning its new mobile.

Siri, and other similar programs can be very spectacular at first glance, even very useful for users with vision problems – only for this already the effort-it is worth, but I wonder if it will really be something that the average user can use on a daily basis. I can’t see myself asking him questions to the phone on the subway, but well, everything could be.