Simyo Has a Bonus Data for Holy Week: 7 GB for Seven Days for Seven Euros

In the early days of internet on mobile, 2010 or something before, the most common was that the data rates are daily or weekly, as a legacy of calling rates that had at times. But then came monthly rates and data focused fight rates between operators, passing the voice to be an additive to data of various capacities plans.

But bonds with hours or days limited to less than a month came back to the fore last year from the hand of Simyo. First arrived the bonds of voice and data for the night at very low prices and then bonds of the same capacity and price for weekends. And in a twist of that strategy, which seems to be working because the bonds are still available, Simyo has now released a bonus data intended for Holy week.

Simyo customers, because the new bond is not an acquisition offer, will soon have the option of hiring a bonus limited to seven calendar days data. Specifically, It will be between day 6 and 17 April When can do with a bonus 7 GB at the price of seven euros. Its activation will have to make from the personal client area and each client may hire only once the bonus.

An interesting option for holiday?

For customers of Simyo, the bonus can be quite interesting, especially for the one week have their mobile connection as its only connection. 5 GB (monthly) bonus has a price of 17 euros, so it saving is obvious If it is to make good use of the new weekly bonus. Now, we have to analyze if those 7 GB for a week can be interesting for who is not Simyo customer yet.

Even if the bonus is exclusive for already Simyo customers, can go to account buy a SIM prepaid to contract bond

As the new bond will be accessible from both contract and prepaid, we can get a SIM prepaid with new number if we only want to count on the line for this week’s holiday. The SIM is free but you have to pay shipping costs seven euros, but comes with 10 euros of balance free. Therefore, paying those seven euros of shipping we will not have to pay more for making us with the weekly bonus which you can pay with the promotional balance.

For seven euros then since there is nothing better, or in contract or prepaid, 7 cheapest GB (monthly) bonus is that of Tuenti, for 21 euros. In conclusion, the bonus of Simyo can be interesting for anyone with timely need to have as much data during your week’s holiday, although It is always advisable to consult first possible offers with our own operator.