Simyo Explains The Reasons for The Change in The Rates for Mobile Internet

Aware of the fuss made last week by the change of data at Simyo rates, from his blog wanted to appease the waters with some explanations although come me to several questions.

While the previous daily rate was very beneficial for limit the monthly payment to 5 euros if you not superabas consumption of 500 MB, in Simyo They claim that this rate was difficult for many users to understand He expressed his confusion before different daily or monthly limits by which chose to make things clear, transparent and without confusion with a flat fee of 3 cents/MB.

While it is true that the new rate only applies to new customers, 1 euro per day and 5 euros/month was a great incentive for sporadic internet users and precisely these are those who leave harmed since despite good current unlimited fares of 5GB 25 euros or 1GB for 18 euros, an intermediate section is necessary as he has disappeared and that they could at least have left as an option.

In a market where almost any rate is replicated soon by other operators Why never was Simyo 500MB bonus imitated? could it be that it was not too profitable and they have had to stop offering it? Why not let users to choose freely their daily rate if they want to continue to be those that offer the most advantageous conditions?

Simyo want to less intensive users or those who are connected from a smartphone surf without worries with its new unlimited tariff from 1GB, but many do not convince them by price and potential users this OMV who were willing to try the mobile internet experience, will have to start rating other options.

If These changes have been winning in simplicity would not have been better to launch a rate similar to the 100 MB/1 euro of e.g. 1 cent/MB? Now that the minimum rates such price is not as low would know take advantage of other operators (see Telstra) changes in Simyo to launch a new tariff which is positioned as the most advantageous?