Shipments of the iPhone 5 Stolen from Post Cars

Apple’s iPhone 5 is popular, too, with the criminals. Two times there have been burglaries in post cars that were supposed to deliver the phones to shops.

Telecommunications companies take their precautions when it comes to transporting iPhone 5-smartphones from central warehouses to stores, and only a small number of employees at the individual operators know to transport plans.

Our site has spoken to sources in the industry telling you that shipments of the popular phones, happens along secret routes, which for security reasons, often change at the last minute.

Our site confirms that there have been burglaries in two mail cars from Post Denmark. An unknown number of phones are stolen – but none of the companies will tell you that it is precisely those who have lacked supplies of iPhone 5.

-“I’ve heard about the theft, but we have not been affected,” says Communications Manager Stine Green Paulsen from 3.

The same message comes from Jess Agerbæk, purchasing manager in our site.

Our site announces that they have lacked a single phone.

-“We’ve got stolen one demo-phone, which was sent by Post Denmark. All other iPhones we have for security reasons delivered on secret modes of transport, “says Michael Bech, Vice President of sales on our site.

Thus, it is unclear which telecommunications company that ended up lacking a larger amount of iPhone 5, up to the sales start Friday the 28th. September 2012.