Sea Trout Fishing Line

What cord for spin fishing for sea trout?

Here are two ways to choose: monofilament and braided cord. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, pros – and cons spokesman. Here it is finally: Auspropieren and decide for themselves.
Applies but for all lines: as far as possible the coil fill it up. The litters are next!
Some facts about the different kinds of fishing line:

Braided line sea trout fishing

The braided cord has prevailed at the sea trout fishing. Diameter of between 0.10 and 0.15 mm are used. Most commonly encountered the 0, 12 mm braided line on the coast for sea trout fishing. A good string, Shimano Power Pro, is available only in 0, 15mm.
The clear advantage of braided cords is the better throw distance (thinner and lesswind resistance than monofilament) and the direct contact with the lure. The water pressure on the braided line is low and at the same time with thinner diameter with high load capacity. Thus, a much smaller cord bow, which improves the best lure toa larger cord bow forms in strong currents. The same applies to heavy winds. The thinner braided line offers less surface during ejection. The cord is small and the contact to the bait after diving into the water is faster. The direct contact with the lure canbe but also a disadvantage. Bite of the fish and the attack comes too hard, then, from veins may occur as a result of zero strain. As well is in the drill the easy stretch of Monofilament of advantage. When this disadvantage is aware the angler, he is appropriately cautious put the stop. A leader with Fluorocarbon or monofilament cord (diameter CA. 0, 25 mm) by approximately 50 cm a little better absorbs the stop up to80 cm and one needs to have less fear that leaving the fish.

However, the leader has one weakness – the node!

Only 10 m monofilament line onto the reel should be wound in the use of braided cord, this prevents at the drill a “spin” the braided.

After a long day of fishing on sea trout or cod, the braided line together with the coil, rinse once in freshwater. It can happen that depositing salt crystals in the braided fishing line, it decreases the capacity if necessary. Also, the first 50 cm should be capped after each fishing day, because it certainly comes to wear on a cord. Just shell fields or sharp rock edges wear braided lines immensely. The optimum carrying capacity decreases.

Tip: Fishing with braided cord use a softer rod and fine adjust the brake. So, the hard stop will be cushioned.

Cord recommendation sea trout fishing

Our recommendation for braided laces for sea trout fishing – 0, 12 mm/0, 13 mm

  • Berkley fireline 270m – €23.99
  • Spiderwire ULTRACAST INVISI braid, 270m – €27.00
  • Shimano Power Pro 300m – €36,00.

Monofilament line sea trout fishing

The monofilament line is 0.22 to 0 in strength, 25mm. Their benefits were mentioned above. Some stretch of the cord compresses the drill perfectly. However, the contact with the lure is much worse. This applies especially at higher distances. Also, here, is more difficult to put the right off the bat.
Monofilament lines are abrasion-proof. The loss rate of the sea trout bait is lower than with a braided cord straight to shell banks.


Here opinions differ. Once, a fishing expert declared that is no longer see the color red at a depth of two meters. This is not relevant for cod fishing certainly purpose, but for the wading fishing. The depths are highest 1-3 m in distance. And because we carry the lures rather near the surface, is this color not by advantage. (Will be noticed certainly the attentive readers of this site, that on the home page a Mefo – started red Virgin is there simply no laws, but only recommendations – everything is possible at the Mefoangeln.)

The best white or colorless cords have proven themselves. The trout is attacking the bait usually from an angle below. This means that it looks in the light of the sky. White and transparent (fluorocarbon) laces are therefore best due to their “camouflage”.

Discrete colors are therefore clearly beneficial. Going to also light grey or greenish (algae) laces. Red, yellow or other lurid should be not used for fishing for sea trout.