Samsung Gives New Details to Identify The Galaxy Note 7 Insurance

The saga of defective batteries of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was launched earlier this month and, although with difficulties, company has taken the bull by the horns to replace units in circulation by new models with batteries completely secure. In Spain, the replacement process begins today September 19 and it is expected that in the coming weeks is complete around the world.

In its effort to close this chapter as soon as possible, Samsung is trying to speed up the process so that all those who bought the Note 7 it returned, something that is not proving them quite simple. His latest contribution has been a brief Guide to distinguish the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 safe from defective ones.

The most visible change in the new Note 7 will be the battery icon. Samsung has decided to add a change the software so you can quickly identify no need to check the IMEI as you can in United States or look the sticker from the box.

As shown in the screenshots above, the 7 Note safe battery icon is filled in green color instead of white as in the original version. The new icon will appear in the status bar as in shutdown menu and the display Always On.

In addition, Samsung will also add an indicator in the packaging of the device. Units checked with non-defective batteries will count with a black square in the upper right corner of the label where are the codes of the terminal as shown in the image above.

Although they are two visible indicators that help identify the new Note 7 quickly and easily, never cease to be easily replicable two modifications both at the level of software and physically on the stickers. As we said, in United States is enabled a tool to check if a Note 7 is safe by entering the IMEI, a method that does not leave place to misunderstandings and time has not been introduced around the world, but that it would not come nothing bad.