Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Best Display Certified

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 impressed with its customers and also with the competition powerful impression. The Phablet brings everything you need for business users as well as leisure gamers with a first-class equipment. The guys from DisplayMate have once more looked at the device and now the display is voted “the best smartphone display on the market”.

Displaymate: The Criteria

The best smartphone display on the market must of course be able to earn something to earn its award. DisplayMate has looked at the glass face of the Galaxy Note 7 very carefully and thoroughly tested it. In addition to the obvious, rounded edges and all its functions, DisplayMate also praises the incredibly low reflection rate of just 4.6 percent, which is currently the absolute peak value. At the same time the display is to achieve a brightness of a maximum of 1,000 Nits, which is currently also not to be topped and supports all HDR functions in full.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the first smartphone to bring light sensors on both devices. The automatic brightness control is even more precise and energy-efficient. Rounded by the high pixel density and the innovative always-on mode, DisplayMate finds that the Galaxy Note 7 could also call “Galaxy Note 8” quietly, so advanced the display. All criteria and evaluation resultscan be viewed directly at DisplayMate.

Always Samsung

DisplayMate does not go straight with its test objects just squeamishly. All functions, features and technical features are strictly scrutinized and objectively evaluated. You should think that every manufacturer once for the best display is awarded. But for some time, only Samsung seems to benefit. Samsung reached the highest levels ever since, always throwing its own devices from the throne. Until the end, the Galaxy S7 stood at the top of the victory stage, leaving the Galaxy S6 Edge and the Grade 5 behind.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 can be pre-ordered at from 16 August.