Sales of The Galaxy Note 7 in Europe Will Again Start on 28 October

Note 7-Galaxy is one of the more ‘fails’ of the history of Samsung releases due to the battery manufactured by SDI, which had a defect which joined the anode and cathode, producing the effect we already know all. Already at the beginning of September the Korean manufacturer recognized the problem.

He began, little later, a programme of return for all terminals, recommending turn them off, put them in the box and wait for the start of the program. A few days ago Samsung released an update changing the icon green color in the normal Terminal, while to the defective appear them a message recommending the return of the terminal.

Note 7-Galaxy will return to stores on October 28, a month before the planned a few days ago by the company itself. So it seems that we might as well see the end of the saga of the phablet explosive battery.

A few days ago was speculation that until the end of November would not return to start sales in Europe of this terminal, but today we have known that it will not take much. In a month and a day, IE, on October 28, they will return to start sales of Note 7 on the European continent.

Samsung has announced, in addition, that 57% of European users have agreed to return the terminal, so the company hopes that at the beginning of October the program, can complete what would justify this advancement of one month of the initial forecasts.

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