Rumors of Last Hour on The IPhone OS 4.0

The announcement of the new operating system for the iPhone, the iPhone OS 4.0, made it as short term that has not given time to spread many rumors, that somehow we are pleased, since thus surprises come fresh and there are not too many disappointments. Anyway was expected after the announcement on Monday of risking leaks and rumors; and, as not, here we have them.

Already a few weeks ago he began to speak of that Apple launch a platform for mobile advertising that would be called iAd and this launch would be due to the purchase of Quattro Wireless on the part of Apple, enabling them to control this aspect in its terminals closing the platform a little more or simply taking part of the slice of Google, Since that would be an advertising platform open to all sites adapted to the iPhone -something that includes a Android -.

Another of the rumors that run is that the iPhone OS 4.0 It would allow to print documents from your own phone – or iPod or iPad-. What are not in agreement is itself only be wireless prints or if there is an adapter for USB printers – something that would entail the drawback of including a driver -.

Also much talk of the arrival of multitasking, a classic on the hearsay of the iPhone and which, in my opinion, will not disappear from the pools until Apple not decided to include it in your operating system. Although in this case, it appears that we would not see a complete multitasking, but something that has been called ‘intelligent multitasking’, i.e., Apple It will decide which applications can be multi-tasking. Within this same logic says that by default the games could not be multi-tasking but applications of Twitter y Facebook, for example, if that would be it.

To all this I take one more question: now that the iPhone He has one older brother would be the? iPad juicy features of software that we will not see in the iPhone?