Rumor: New Nexus Smartphone Within 30 Days

Next Google Nexus smartphone rumored now announced within 30 days, is LG the manufacturer?

Google Nexus rumors are starting to blouse up again, most recently the be with HTC as a producer on the new device, but now is a new rumor emerged.

According to our site then the next Nexus device a smartphone is expected to be announced within 30 days, more precisely referred to are projected or shown by Andy Rubin during AllthingsD: Dive Into Mobile event.

Here are Andy Rubin previously announced Android products such as Android 3.0 back in 2010.

Should the device be discussed or showcased during our site event, is expected to be ready for the first markets already in the month of November.

Our site writes further that chance that LG is the manufacturer is great, and it is expected that the LG Optimus (G) will be the reference product for Nexus device.