Rumor: IPhone OS 4.0 Will Be Multi-Tasking

You can than the wet dream of many users of the iPhone is about to become a reality: Appleinsider sources ensure that Apple Click here to launch the iPhone 4.0 OS This summer – something that is very likely – and that will be multi-tasking.

Is clear that the iPhone You can with multi-tasking allows it with several applications such as the iPod, phone, Nike + etc., but nor is nothing new just do not fully understand why is not open to all applications – low performance, but that depends on the use that is given -.

This has always been a very controversial subject, but it must be recognized that the ‘unitarea’ is an advantage for less advanced users – those who desperately need the multi-tasking may always choose another operating system or the jailbreak -.

It intrigues me to see how Apple It will solve the problem of managing memory and open tasks in a simple and friendly way, since I doubt that the average user of the iPhone want to cope with a task manager like see those us in Windows Mobile o Android. In addition to the battery problems, hang…

Anyway, Apple you need to implement multitasking efficiently with urgency, but their hegemony as the most desired mobile is in danger.