Review: GPS Alarms for Windows Phone

You always run too far with the bus or the train? So do you need a GPS alarm for Windows Phone.

If you are dependent on public transport on a daily basis, then you probably know about the problem with getting rid of the right place.

To go long on the train, a brat crying out, passenger side by talking loudly on the phone, and you want it just far away.

So you put the headphones in my ears, and dream away … And fall asleep! Once running it too far, and must use an hour extra on the train back to the correct station.

But now it must come to an end. The solution is GPS Alarms for Windows Phone.

With GPS Alarms application one can get one’s smartphone to alert when you are near a particular place. When approaching a station or bus stop.

In the application, you can enter an address or specify a point on a map, where the alarm should sound. The alarm is triggered when you are within a certain radius from the specified point. RADIUS is of course optional.

During our testing of the application, however, we quickly found out that it works best with a large radius of 1-2 kilometres. When GPS alarms is in the background, so updated GPS position not so often, and with a small radius in danger, to drive past the position without the alarm goes off.

Advanced options

But not enough with that GPS alarms can alert you – there are also a number of advanced options.

You can create predefined settings for the alarms, one often uses, and you can of course name the sites, as well as specify whether the phone alert with sound or vibrator.

Furthermore, it can be specified whether the alarm must be constantly turned on, or whether it is enabled only on certain days and time slots during the week.

Application GPS Alarms can be downloaded for free on Windows Store- click here for direct link.