Returns Google to Disappoint Us with The Price with The Pixel?

Leaks of the new range of phones from Google they are very abundant. Although there are still a couple of weeks to October 4 is almost all filtering, including the specifications. But you still have to know if the price will be groundbreaking or not.

4 years ago Google attempted to burst the market with its 4 Nexus, a terminal with a brutal time specifications to a set price. In fact for me is the birth of what we now call Super middle range, terminals with high-end features (though not all, there are always compromises) but mid range price.

Google returned to repeat the following year with the Nexus 5 but interrupted this strategy with the Nexus 6. With none of them really managed to burst the market, two major manufacturers always have remained Apple and Samsung, although it remains to be seen what would have happened if I had not had so many problems of stock that Nexus 4.

The two latest Nexus, Nexus 6 and the Nexus 6 p have gone unnoticed. But this year come changes. First, it seems that the Nexus name disappears, we will have phones Pixel. Second, the slogan “Made by”

Google”makes it clear a change of strategy, This time HTC makes of manufacturer and nothing else, not as with the Nexus that had visibility of the brand. What then happens with price?

The eternal question of Google

We have spent years hearing that Google wants to compete you to you with Apple as a mobile manufacturer. It seemed that the Nexus 4 was a way to deal with them in a more direct way, or even with the (temporary) purchase of Motorola. But whether it is because there has never been much domestic support for this issue or other Android manufacturers complained (Samsung, above all) the idea did not finish off. The Nexus were relegated to fans of the brand and developers.

However, the change of brand to Pixel says something. Do you want to Google, once for all, confront your you to Apple as a manufacturer? If so then it is another matter to resolve and is the price.

In Android price is (almost) everything

The good thing about the opening of Android as an operating system is that there are terminals for all tastes. From incredible terminals that cost close to 1,000 euros up to mobile functional for a little more than 100. And we have a nutridisimo group of manufacturers fighting to have something differential.

If Google wants to enter there you have it really complicated. It can offer a better support of the operating system than the rest, it is true, but that is something that satisfied a very specific user and no majority group. Nor does it appear that Pixel terminals will bring a tremendous differences with what there is in the market, neither design nor specifications. Therefore, where differ?

I have it clear, in the price. Elaborating on the strategy that surprised both and that some (such as Oneplus) have been copied as well. Creating a cutting-edge specifications at an irresistible price terminal.

But the rumors indicate otherwise. Some point to that Pixel, 5 inch, in its most basic version will cost $649, which is an outrage. Many will say that it is impossible, that Google, this time Yes, launches definitively to the consumer market with all his past experience. And I’d like to believe it, but I have the impression that won’t happen and, another year, Google will disappoint us with a terminal pointer but at a price over, even superior to other terminals in the style of premium brands.