Result of Portability and High in March: Movistar Continues Losing

The month of March fill in the first quarter of the year whose economic results we’ll look at when all operators to publish it at the moment, the report of the CMT You can summarize the State of our operators in the huge fall of Movistar, the slight recovery of Orange, the great weight of the small operators who increasingly charge more importance and Vodafone which has managed to do with much of the market.

Focusing only on the net results of portability, March It has been the month with the most movement of the last year resulting in negative results the 39.475 customers lost by Movistar and the less than Vodafone 3.708. On the opposite side with net profit of users, stands out above all Yoigo with 32.056 new customers, the OMV 9.668 and the 1,459 Orange.

But data that best adapt to the reality is that the CMT presents by quarters since they take into account all the portability, new high and low (in this case between January and March 2009). This figure represents that the total net lines It has distributed in the following way: 65.1% for Vodafone, 30.02% for the OMV, 14.74% for Orange, a 12.10% for Telstra and the worst stop comes out for the second straight month Movistar which loses the 21.96% of the total number of new customers this quarter.