Remember, Today Starts The Replacement Program of The Note 7 in Spain

The Note 7-Galaxy battery It is one of the hottest topics – and never better said – this end of the summer, and is that a defect in the manufacture of batteries will cost one billion dollars and a recall worldwide to Samsung. Although Samsung has created a page to check terminals affected collating the IMEI and information also available in Samsung + (US only or APK Mirror) application, some people against all logic refuse to return your terminal.

Do you have a Galaxy Note 7 in your possession? If so, it is best that you check the latest official release of Samsung on the subject for your country (Spain, Mexico, other). The main idea is the same in all countries (not using the phone, join the Exchange program and get a new Note 7 or other) Although change deadlines and concrete details. For Spain, the replacement devices program starts today.

What you have to do?

As you mentioned when the replacement for Spain program was announced for the first time, you will have to go to the point of sale where you purchased your terminal if you bought it in a physical store, or call toll-free at 900 100 807 or write to if you bought it in the Samsung official store.

At that time you will have to choose. If you’re still determined to continue with a Galaxy Note 7, This time with a new and shiny battery that should obviously not cause you no problem, you can sign up to receive your replacement. The date for replacement begins officially today, which does not necessarily mean that you have a Note 7 new today. For the days of delay Samsung will give you a Galaxy S6 If you don’t have any other mobile.

On the other hand, if all these riots and the inconvenience they have done you that take you something from mania to Note 7 or perhaps after using it a few days you’ve restated if really you want to, you can with immediate effect do you with a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge, in which case it will return the difference price between both devices.

You know, maybe. You turn off your device, picks up the phone (other, clear) and calls to the number of free information from Samsung 900 100 807. We already know that da sloth, is discomfort and Samsung does not seem to have intended to reward you for the inconvenience – we know – but safety is the first thing. In this regard, it is certainly curious Samsung US promotes the use of tools to check with IMEI if device is affected while that Samsung Spain this you equal: the recommendation is not to use the Note 7, turn it off and return it. Affected or not, gives equal.