Rainbow Fringe Hair

Among the hair trends for spring summer 2016 eye-catchers these fringed Rainbow, already spotted on social. This summer, I mean, although with a different interpretation will stage the rainbow mania!

It’s not going to be one of the most popular hair trends spring summer 2016 but for sure these shades Rainbow will not go unnoticed, and you too will want to experience, even just to experience the thrill of a Crown that puts in a good mood.

In short, among the new trends of the season the fringe Rainbow will be one of the most popular niches as always: it is certainly not new, because it already for a few seasons the hairstylist we were accustomed to pastel shades and rich colors, but this time it’s the turn of fringe which is pursuing the rainbow-mania that had already had some success last year.

Just take a look on Instagram to realize that this is a trend that has already taken root especially among the youngest, but as you can imagine there are interpretations just softer, provided, however, that the bright colors and vibrant you enjoy them. For blondes definitely softer pastel shades and Ethereal are indicated, while those with dark hair can break the monotony of the hairstyle with a fringe multicolor brightly colored, although it is not said that we cannot play on contrasts. This hair trend I’m curious about at least a little? Then you can not miss the colored fringes hair that we have collected in our gallery at PROZIPCODES.COM!