Program for Mobile Phone Keypad Does Not Lock

Often, when you use the phone, the keyboard locks and you need to unlock the phone several times during typing. Depending on what you’re doing, there’s reason to want the keyboard not to be locked after the set time. Those who use a keyboard that is connected to their smartphone can benefit greatly from an application such as No Lock, avoid having to unlock the device at all times in order to use it. The No Lock application does just that, with some extra features that can help anyone who uses their smartphone or tablet for typing jobs.

Program for Mobile Phone Keypad Does Not Lock

Turn off keyboard lock with No Lock

With the No Lock Android application , you can disable keyboard locking. After installation, you can create a widget on the home screen. By clicking on this Widget, you enable or disable the keyboard lock option, which allows more time for you to enter without having to unlock the keypad of your device. On some phones the No Lock application does not work, but it is very functional to disable the lock screen of your device, and to speed up the use of the device.

For those who need to use the phone quickly, optimized for productivity is a great option to use an application that prevents the device from being blocked. There are seconds spared, and stress being interrupted in the middle of a typing. Simple and very useful for when you want to prevent the keyboard or your phone from locking up all the time .

Do you use a keyboard connected to your smartphone or tablet? Have you ever used an application such as No Lock or have you simply turned off the screen lock?