Price War on 4 G Mobile Broadband Has Started

Phone company 3 is out hard with new 4 g mobile broadband product, Vodafone and TDC is behind on price and data.

Are you looking for mobile broadband for your tablet or PC, so can the phone company 3 might be a bid after they have announced a new attractive data package.

The phone company is now ready with 40 GB data plus one extra SIMcard for data sharing, for 249 dollars a month.

In comparison, costs 25 GB with TDC 299 kroner a month, here you get however, TDC Play and TDC Hotspot in the price.

With our site which is the country’s leading 4 g service provider, in relation to the network coverage of the population, costs 30 GB data 299 dollars per month.

Looking only at the data packet, then 3 right now those who provide most of the money, in fact, for 50 dollars less than the other two companies there right now offers 4 g.

This allows 3 have started a price war on 4 g mobile broadband.