Presentation of The Fourth Generation of IPhone OS, Applesfera Live Tracking

Follow-up to mmm in Applesfera [live]

The operating system of iPhone will receive its fourth update Since it appeared on the market, this afternoon is the presentation by Apple and major American media are invited to her. After numerous rumors in this respect, let’s see how much we have successful covering the event with the help of our colleagues in Applesfera.

It is strange that what we will see this afternoon, that promises to be very important, you have not come from the hand of iPad, Since many of the expected capabilities had been placed in a better position to the Apple tablet. But on the other hand I do understand that it may be a presentation and that it not materialize until within a few months when the fourth generation of iPhone appears on the market.

The intention of this event, it seems logical, if you have the development tools, encourages developers to start working with them, but on the other hand also It is necessary that they be positioned with important new features that give more life to iPhone before the flood of Android phones that are appearing on the market.

If you do not want to miss the presentation you can follow it live on our twitter, Xatakamovil, and the Applesfera, they also will be tracked follow me via Spanish that you have prepared within own Applesfera blog.

This afternoon from 7: 00 pm Spanish, It will have start the presentation in Cupertino, after the event we will post our impressions and a summary of what happened.