Pregnancy over the Bump Leggings

You notice that in fact trying to wear your tights or leggings your “before”, they galbent at all your leg because they fall on the hips because your belly grows and prevent them from coming to wedge in your size as before. They also shear your stomach because they are too narrow at the waist without the depth needed to come lay on top of your stomach.

Some venture to make small incisions on each side of the size of the tights, but it’s a sticky … which do not take long to go. In short, it is the largest and discomfort as you like wearing your pretty dresses, skirts and tunics and elegantly comfortable, invest in real tights and leggings pregnancy.

Pregnancy Tights

They come in different colors, different woven from 20-denier for ultrathin sticky to 80 denier opaque tights for.

Tip of pregnancy sticking to provide soft seams that fit perfectly to the evolution of the belly.
Provided with a reinforced belt, they comfortably support your belly and thus relieve you of its weight.

The tall with a yoke at the belly and an extra large gusset breathable cotton crotch gives you all the comfort needed.

Some models pregnant women pantyhose to propose a gradual compression, decreasing from the ankle to the thigh, and plays an active massage promotes circulation. For more rested legs during pregnancy.

The preferred materials are microfiber tested anti-allergenic, thus leaving the skin breathe.

Some tights are certified free of harmful substances, ensuring the health of mother and baby.

Pregnancy Leggings

An essential wardrobe of every fashion future mom who respects. Or again, we forget its good old leggings that do not offer a sufficient depth to the crotch to accompany you throughout your pregnancy.

So go to for leggings pregnancy, cotton and stretch for maximum comfort, with a depth of 35 cm minimum crotch.

Leggings for Pregnancy

Key Points

1. We forget the old tights or leggings who cut your belly or tumble along your legs.

2. We choose the suitable sticky pregnancy, with soft seams, reinforced belt and a yoke for the belly.

3. Fun in the range and in her outfits, very fine sticky flesh or black opaque tights with bolder colors.

4. It emphasizes microfiber material, tested anti-allergenic.

5. The leggings for pregnant woman should have a minimum depth of 35 cm at the crotch to bring you all the necessary comfort during your pregnancy.