Plus Size Model Are 5 Tips from Professionals

Plus Size Model will be trend

This topic has a regular boom at the moment and there is not a week when we do not get inquiries on this topic. Overall the Zeitgeist has changed. Size Zero Models are still dominant on the Fashionshows, but overall the trend goes to a healthier and at least normagewichtigen woman. This does not mean, of course, that you can even see women with bacon rolls in catalogs or in commercials, but exactly that will happen, I am sure. The trend is in the direction of Kurvig, but there is another very different issue:the market.

In Germany, 56% of women wear a clothing size 42 and more, which means that there is money to be made here. And the consumers are less and less gossiped and can eat with slim models, but want to see fashion shopped in their dress sizes. This means Plus Size Models will be in demand. They are actually already, but they are still too little at the moment, at least in Germany.
For a model agency, the Plus Size Models begin at the latest from the size 40 onwards.

But this should not deter anyone who is more on the scales, becoming a plus size model. But you know it yourself: you list a (German) catalog for oversize and see models, the maximum size 42 wear. In London and also in Denmark, where we regularly visit Fashionshows for oversizes, is different. Just take a look at some movies, then you know that on the catwalks is now all represented.

At the first Plus Size Fashion Weekend in London, there was a workshop on the topic of Plus Size Model and visited.Here are the tips we have thought about you. Here at buyinxenia you can get more different models of the plus size fashion.

1. Work on yourself

Unfortunately, this is not the case, and it does not mean that you are used to.No agency has more time to show you what a model needs to be able to.Running, posing and in doubt, even paint yourself, you must have it on it.Time is money – the saying is particularly true in the model business.

The core statement from Anna Shillinglaw, CEO Milkmanagement:”Apply to an agency, if you have worked on yourself.” You should take absolutely serious.

It’s not like you think you’re getting into an agency, and you’re being trained there, so to speak.The models, which I personally personally from the beginning accompanied, came after the first few (also international) catwalk experiences and shootings to agencies, which then only one thing: to give you even more orders.Everything else you have to be able to and constantly develop further.Of course, it is also possible to be discovered by an agent, a model agency or an advertising agency.Only for this, one must also give these people the opportunity to be found.

2. Prepare yourself, be visible

Plus Size Model means: prepare yourself and become visible to others.One must be able to find you, but the Internet is a great thing and also the whole Curvy events, which are now nationwide.Sure, I’ve already met someone who was approached on the street and then for two years the model for Torrid.But that has been addressed in a vacation in New York City.I simply assume that this circumstance has contributed to it and of course luck and coincidence.

But you can also help a lot to find you (from the right people):

  • Make a decent Sed Card with different images that show your versatility. For example, some of you have received a professional shoot through their applications for junior scouting for Plus Size brands.Participation in such campaigns is worth only gold.Because such a Sed Card is time consuming and not exactly given.
  • In the meantime, there are numerous photographer-model platforms on the Internet, where you can register as a professional model, also as a pure beginner. Through these platforms you can get in touch with photographers who are free to make photos of you on a TFP basis (Time for Pictures), or for a small fee. Such a group also exists on Facebook.
    ♥ miss BARTOZ Tip:the most famous photographer model platform in Germany is the model card
  • So you also collect photo-references and experiences in front of the camera.Something caution is always offered.Serious agencies initially do not require you money for the creation of Sed Cards, it is then subtracted from the salary after the first jobs.If you write a photographer who promises the blue of the sky and does not ask for money for his services, please be careful.There are also always black sheep, which will take advantage of your desire Plus Size Model.
  • One way to show yourself is by the way a website.There you can show yourself very well and always have a separate link, which you can print on business cards or spread.So you are much more independent and can react more spontaneously and especially as you think it is best for you.Stay professional.If you want to show your pets to the world, do it on Instagram.The website should be appealing, show you in many different facets and have a way to get in contact with you.Add something that makes you interesting and different from others, but not your hamster.

3. Be beautiful

This is certainly the core of all questions, especially in the oversize area, which in general is not always considered beautiful. Anna Shillinglaw, CEO:”as a model, no matter what division, you need a positive charisma. You must be healthy and fit. A regular sports program is a must for you. Firm skin and a fine facial skin also without primer and make up are basic prerequisites. As a plus size model you should be young and multifaceted. All this can be practiced, none of the models in my agency was successful.”

Plus Size Model is therefore not great different from the so-called straight sizes.You have to take care of yourself, take care of yourself, do some sports and not be very fit, because the whole thing is really exhausting.

What is beautiful, I could write a whole book.In Modelbusiness it is very often a specific type, namely the type of customers and the market is just being asked.You’ll surely see Germany Next Top Model as you can see it quite well.Who has potential, who is changeable and who is asked.The fact that the beautiful are, is simply basic prerequisite, over who is further, decide completely different parameters.

4. Use your chance to show your bet

At the beginning you pay on it, so is when you start what.I know what I’m talking about, three years ago I had to clean each jack and rear myself.Two of you took the chance and went to the Plus Size Fashion Weekend 2013 at your own expense.(there we also visited the model workshop of Milk Management) One of the applicants has done it, in 2014 were already five Germans there and again one, which was the first time on a catwalk.Joleen, (in the video) I now see on almost every fashion show, which is about Plus Size Mode.

Joleen, (22) from Oldenburg in February 2013:” I am so glad that I saw this opportunity. With the great models and the many professionals I would never have thought that I would be taken. Now I am here, run a big show, the designers want me to have their collections and then the whole international people around me, sometimes I think I play in a movie. My tip to everyone out there: make it easy and do not see the whole thing so hard, then setbacks do not hurt so much.”

To the full portrait of Joleen’s success story.

Even the one who did not make it, could make an experience on the ground and jumped over its shadow. Casting has been carried out by the agency “Milk”, which conveys Plus Size Models worldwide. Such opportunities should be taken.
Yes, this often has to do with investments, but I can also say that you always take something, even if it does not go so well. We get many mails from beautiful girls who write that they are beautiful and often we can also convince ourselves by the pictures. But that is not enough. I say it quite brutally:who does not get the butt is not a model.

5. Do not despair

It does not work?Plus Size Model is just very trendy, thousands of beautiful girls and women apply at agencies and designers.If you are rejected, it does not mean that you are not beautiful.

It is not always about winning, often it is the small steps and sometimes it just takes a bit of luck.Stay with you and do not see what the others are getting great orders.Look more, if they do something different, maybe there are contacts that are good for you.Comparing makes us unhappy, for the day comes when you wonder if it has anything to do with you.

If you are committed and visible on the market, go to casting, and it still does not work:
Types and modes change.Sometimes your guy, even if you’re so beautiful, just do not ask.You can sit and try it again or simply recognize it.

What else can you do?

  • You know a designer who tails your size?Send him your Sedcard, offer him a catalogshooting for free, the next he will pay perhaps or someone else will be so attentive to you.
  • Plus Size Model, so want some.Go out, use events where you can also try to find out if modeling is anything for you or you have been fond of an idea that has little to do with reality.
  • In order to get such contacts, the exhibitors of the large modem services are worthwhile.They also often need live models on the ground and not infrequently there are small shows within a trade fair.
  • If you want to become a Plus Size Model you will also be familiar with the fashion for big sizes and you can also apply as a hostess for a stand.So you have a foot in the door.
  • In Berlin, a PlusSize trade fair is also taking place parallel to Fashionweek.It is a trade visit.What you can do, however, is to ask the exhibitors, if they do not need a model on their stand.

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♥ miss BARTOZ Tip:Check it out. Some times is synonymous with me directly in demand, especially when sizes over 46 are sought, the agencies are less on offer.