Plants in Small Homes

These days I posted an article about plans of houses where I I’ve detailed how it works drawing of a floor plan according to the terrain, solar orientation, and finally, as the architects are studying the land to develop the plant to residential.

Plants in Small Homes

An article pretty cool, in that I showed that different plants of small homes, modern houses, single storey houses, two-storey houses, each one with a style and with a different configuration of the plant according to each terrain, terrain slope, terrain, flat, narrow, and wide.

Today I decided to make this post here about the plants of small houses where I brought real-world examples of projects of the houses that were built and designed by architects from various parts of the world.

They are models of houses with projects well settled that sought to take advantage of the qualities and limitations of the lots where they were inserted.

So come with me and check out the plants and photos of these small houses and modern.

Plans of Houses with 1 Bedroom

Home APH80

The first project is a house compact, in fact it is a home that can be transported with the help of a truck and was designed in Spain by ÁBATON Architecture in 2013, named APH80.

She has three environments inserted in 27 m2, one double bedroom, kitchen and living room are integrated, and even the bathroom. Despite being a small house the walk-right-inner measures about three metres in height which prevents the feeling of being in a space choked.

Your plant is very simple to do with the wet areas (kitchen and bathroom) on one side and the dry areas (living room and bedroom) on the other.

Home 1220

This second project is brazil, located in Campo Grande, in Mato Grosso do Sul. Developed by architect Alex Nogueira in 2013. The house is simple and beautiful with all integrated environments, bedroom, kitchen, living room and dining room, only the bathroom is isolated.

The facade of the house has a lock on brise-soleil metal that control the light and keep the privacy of the occupant, already in the back of the house opens to the garden with a large glass window.

The home 1220, as it is called the project, was built on two beams baldrame that stand out from the level of the street, leaving the house high away from the humidity of the soil, and creating a lightness visual volume architectural.

Small House

The next house plant small is called Small House, a project by australian architect Domenic Alvaro, it was built in 2010 within the limits of a plot corner – remembering that here in Brazil the laws of constructive generally require a minimum setback required and to take advantage of the reduced dimensions of the batch plants are divided into 4 floors and a garden penthouse with a mezzanine.


To close the selection of plants from homes with a 1 bedroom I chose more of a brazilian project called House SMPW from the office of architecture LAB606, the house is located in Brasilia in a large terrain and the plan.

The materials used are simple and have been left apparent, creating a natural texture of the concrete blocks. Contrasting with the brise-soleil metal red that protect the front and side of the home of the rays direct from the sun.

The plant on the upper floor is larger to make the shadow in the environments the level of the ground and also create a cover for the garage. After all the climate in the brazilian midwest is hot and dry.

To enlarge the internal ventilation of the spaces are integrated and the foot-right from the living room is a double on the upper floor is the only room that is open to this foot-the right.

Plans of Houses with 2 Rooms

I confess that I wanted to choose 4 plants houses for each subgroup, but I could not resist had chosen several projects of houses with 2 rooms, reducing to 6 and as a good geminiana I was undecided about which would be the chosen ones.

I was able to delete only one from the list and to balance to reduce to 3 plants projects of houses with 3 bedrooms. Slutty, but you will see that these plans of houses with 2 rooms are quite nice.

The Shed

The first project is for you not to find that you need to spend a fortune to build, it is not a new house, and yes a refurbishment project that has transformed a shed old with 74 m2 in a fantastic house with two rooms keeping the same structure and adding a mezzanine level, internal to the rooms, total of 99 m2 at the end of the reform.

The name of the project is The Shed located in Australia, project 2013 of architect Richard Peters.

Brillhart House

The second project of small houses with two rooms is a residence of the beach, more precisely in Miami, USA. The name of the project is to Brillhart House, created by Brillhart Architecture.

While some architecture projects create a structure a bit more indented from the façade to keep the façade free and I was able to install power retractable outside the off, this project does exactly the opposite.

Brings the wood structure to the façade with large door-windows venetian blinds that protect the interior from the direct action of the solar rays. And leaves the wide windows and sliding glass indented the shade, creating an intermediate area where the air circulates and cools the house.

Its plan is simple, one-story, where on one side are the social areas: kitchen, living rooms, and full length mirror. And on the other side are the private areas, one and two bedroom suites.

El Refugio

We went out of the English-speaking countries, and we’re going to Spain in a three bedroom house called El Refugio, a project of the architecture office NAMED. A small house prefab with 96 m2 and installed on a base of stones.

The plant is also very simple in the front are the kitchen integrated with the living rooms and in the back two bedrooms and a bathroom. There is no corridor in the area between the private and the social, the entire film is utilized with floor area in the plant and all the hydraulics is located on a single tower supply, reducing expenses with the purchase of the pipes.

The access is from the side where there is a balcony with pergolas that during the summer protect the facade side of the sun, and in winter it can be retracted to ensure more brightness and heating.

Compact Karst House

The fourth project is a house ultra small, but still it has two bedrooms, the design is very simple, absurdly simple, a real home minimalist. Its form structured in reinforced concrete mimics a house with roof, but without the need of scissors from the roofs.

His name is Compact Karst House, a project of the architecture firm Dekleva Gregorič, this complex name is because the house is in Slovenia in Eastern Europe.

In its interior all the rooms are made of sheets of raw wood, including the staircase that forms the shelf of the office. The rooms are lit by zenitais, openings in the concrete structure.

Stacking Green

And here is the project extra that I could not help mentioning, because it is a global trend due to lack of space urban land are increasingly narrow and long, so many plans of houses have to adapt to this format, in São Paulo, this project type is becoming common today.

I just brought an example there of viet nam, is called Stacking Green of the architectural firmVo Trong Nghia.

The 2 bedroom house has been designed in a land with only 4 metres from the front (tested), so the option was to work with plants in both senses of the word, architectural plans, and many vegetable plants on the façade to bring a bit of green.

In this type of terrain, narrow and long, the houses are built glued on the foreign exchange side so only the lighting has to be on the front and back, only to build in the entire length of the field with glass windows from floor to ceiling the brightness is not enough, and the center of the house is dark.

Therefore, if the search has also the lighting coverage, with the empty in the middle of the plants that light up the environments.

As the facade has large windows to the privacy of the residents can not be exposed, and this project has found the ideal solution, to create a structure leaked with support for species of plants in the front and back of the project, see the gallery of photos from the internal view of the environments with this solution.

Plans of houses with 3 Bedrooms

Caroline Street

Taking advantage in the aftermath of the previous house, I decided to include another house project with terrain strait only this time a house with two floors and a basement, more a australian house, the architectural design of the office Architecton, who won the name of your street, Caroline Street.

A house built of reinforced concrete, but with a refined finish.

Logo to access the home through a door into the entrance hall marking the floor and lining in two colors separates the circulation area of the area of the art gallery to the side and leads the guests to follow up the funds where they are the kitchen and the rooms integrated that are open to the garden, which includes there at the bottom of the ground a small pool.

Still in the plant floor just in front is a room that serves as office with the full length mirror to the side.

In the basement a garage for two cars, laundry, wine cellar and a storage room. The first floor has a small TV lounge, intimate, with a master suite with a balcony on the front of the plot, to the funds two bedrooms and a large bathroom with bath.

House M11

The next house is also in viet nam, the M11, the project of the architects of A21 Studio, a townhouse, small built in concrete blocks, has a proposal that is a mixture of materials with a simple finish and materials without finishing, leaving apparent the nature of the materials used.

On the plant floor of the house M11, it is possible to notice that there are small gardens that are fragmented throughout the project.

The room in the “L” account with a winter garden in the center of the plant that helps to amplify the natural lighting that also illuminates and ventilates the kitchen.

In the photo of the dining room it is possible to identify a wall coated with cement burned in the background which is perceived as a continuation of the floor, on which is a small buddhist picture. Just behind this wall is the staircase that leads to the second floor.

In the plan of the first floor where it is written “void” are voids between the floors, which allow the entry of light and ventilation for all living areas, an intimate dining room, a suite, a children’s room and a bathroom compose the environments of the first floor. Already on the upper floor is a gym, laundry room, and a bathroom with a bath and a view of a dry garden.

The interior design has minimalistic-inspired furniture straight, few details, and only the furniture is essential.


And to end this post a French design sustainable called Pop-House constructed by Multipod Studio, with 150 m2, and three rooms.

A one-story house with a plant, a linear, which holds the living and dining rooms are integrated with the gourmet kitchen in the central part and in the two side rooms, a TV room and a bathroom on one side and on the other a bedroom with bathroom and a small kitchen.

The whole structure of the house was made with plywood, OSB panels and thermal insulation of Expanded Polystyrene, the execution of the project of the Pop-House only took 4 days and the building had only parafusadeiras electrical, because the project is all modular and built on

The materials were chosen because they are recyclable, lightweight, low cost, and also for providing thermal insulation ideal for the standards Passivhaus, sustainable homes.