Pimp Your Plaid Shirt

Checked shirts are a staple in my wardrobe – in all variations! And in plaid shirts, the fashion industry fortunately thinks often enough to us big boys! There’s rarely something completely new, but there’s the plaid shirts in always different and often very colorful colour combinations in the shops and online stores. But even with a simple Plaid Shirt can be creative and put together a trendy outfit.

I’ll show you an absolute diamond classic, namely a red and black Plaid lumberjack shirt from lightweight flannel here this time.

Three looks from the same two parts – namely jeans and Plaid Shirt – with accessories and shoes newly styled. Same, same but different!

I find it’s always handy when you can combine clothes – especially his favorites – always different and new, and provides for a new look. Small accessories such as caps, hats, suspenders are particularly useful to to style or colour coordinated sneaker etc… can obtain a completely different effect of the same garments especially different shoes.

Sporting Basic Look

This look is more or less the starting point, each of us has as safe in the closet: Plaid shirt worn open, including a white V-collar shirt, baseball cap and sneakers. Comfortable, simple and easy styling effort.

Cool Hipster Look With Felt Hat

I find class braces! I wear them but rarely their function according to, because I would rather wear the shirt out of his pants out. Shirt in his pants and Suspenders to looks great, but it’s bugging me a lot, because constantly out slips me the shirt and I’m constantly at the “Rumzoppeln”.

Therefore I wear the suspenders – only for the decoration – pants down hanging. There are the braces for example at H & M for little money every now and again, also like mine here in leather.

But the most striking part of this look is the Fedora. I have these hats earlier often referred to as “Blogger hat” because I knew something really only done by blogs, or by the cool hipsters in the ASOs shop. Then I found but finally one, which suits me, and I find that you can really create a completely different statement for an outfit with such a part.

Classic Lumberjack Look

If you go to the lumberjack shirt heavy boots (Timberland, for example) or just how I here pictured sneaker boots trekking-look choose directly something Ranjan is the complete outfit in the lumberjack-style. Although you can’t see it at first glance, but I wear rough woolen socks, the look still more support – small detail to great effect!

Complete you can the Hölzfäller look with a knit Cap. Down in the trees make forest, or just but just well styled in the everyday life of the urban jungle.

Therefore: always consider what you have in the Cabinet, and what of you new combine with trifles, to style and can thus enhance! Love to detail can really change a lot, pays off and makes no great effort!