The Pike is a predator who has settled now in Europe. The exceptions to this are Greece, Dalmatia, and Iceland as far as it is known. Also is a variation of the local Pike in regions of Asia, and North America. In North America, the Pike called Pike, for example, a Northern. The Pike in all waters is generally to be found, in which he has managed to deny his life. These include large flows as well as lakes and rivers. The Pike can successfully survive in fresh water as well as in the region of brackish water.

The Pike is especially comfortable in waters that have a trained coastal zone with large Reed or vegetation. These zones with most calm, warmer water and if possible gravelly or sandy surface offer optimal life conditions the Pike. Pike loves equally structure-rich waters sections away from the shore. He uses sunken trees or other underwater structures to adjust there time and again. Lives the Pike as a so-called site-faithful fish in many waters, and will return after his hunting moves ever in this dugout. For this reason he is often also called Platzhirsch. Prefer the Pike has clear water, it is a liquid and needs clear view for his optimum hunting behavior.

The most diverse marine life are the prey of the Pike. The Pike feeds on fish, crustaceans, and small animals like for example Woodlice, as well as frogs, water birds and mammals such as water rates and similar. Everything what comes to close the Pike and he can also handle, he will also try to eat. Not too close they found already dead Pike, who have taken the mouth too full, and a species or other animals stuck in the throat which much larger had, when they themselves were.

Characteristics Of The Pike

The Pike is similar to an arrow through his elongated body. The Pike can operate at lightning speed thanks to its body shape, and tracks its prey therefore during a hunting trial rarely prolonged. His Dick shaft enormously supported this lightning-fast drive with its dorsal fin placed far to the rear. Its ventral fin position is called the belly all the time. Its after fin is convex, its caudal fin forked.

The Pike has a big mouth, which is upturned. His mouth because his appearance also called a duck-schnabelförmig. It is large and equipped with fishing and Hackle teeth. The fangs are located in the lower jaw of Pike.

The coloring of a Pike can be also determined the whereabouts of as many other fish. The shades ranging from light green over yellow, Brown, and various shades of gray over. Dark stains that are irregularly present takes on its dorsal fin, tail and pectoral fins.Its back, and its flanks are adorned with so-called cross bands. The Pike has a small circular scales, which are called Cycloid scales dress of shed.

The Pike can reach a large body size, the females are significantly larger than the males. While the males are maximum to one meter tall, the females to make it up to 1.50 m and a weight of about 40 pounds. The age of Pike is very different, while the males can reach an age of about 15 years, the females are easily twice as old. If it betrays such a fish itself wasn’t the body size, one can distinguish Sajjad and Rogner relatively well from each other by the shape of the after. The after have usually the form a key hole. This tapering towards the head of the Pike is a female salmon. The anus towards the tail, tapering is a Sajjad.

Reproduction Of The Pike

The Pike spawning business mostly confined to the months of February to may. Depending on the water this can be postponed as all other fish species also slightly to the front or rear. The business of spawning takes place at the Pike in the same places. The Pike males are usually slightly earlier in these places, and waiting for the females arrive. Select the Pike often verkrautete shallow water zones and shore regions as places.

Arrived even the females on the spawning grounds, spawning business can begin. It is already time wrangling, also a long time later seen on the Pike by each other caused bite injuries. The egg-laying takes place in several stages, which can change over a period of several weeks. The females lay off the eggs have a diameter of 2.5 – 3 mm, and have very sticky hull that underwater plants or other underwater green. A Pike Lady can produce between 40,000 and 45,000 eggs per kg of body weight and drop.

The young larvae hatch after a period of time between 10 and 30 days, depending on the prevailing water temperature. These are not yet fully formed and baste by located on the head adhesive glands on underwater structures. The diet to the development of the mouth and gills held on their own yolk sac. This stage is completed, they swim to the surface of the water to fill your bladder with oxygen. At that time, they are fully floating sound and also soon look like little mini Pike. At this age they feed on animals largely by plankton.

Fishing For Pike

The Pike is a predatory fish, outwitted as well as other predators also through various fishing methods. This includes, for example, fishing with basic and Posenmontagen. A dead bait fish is no matter whether it comes from the respective waters or not, often very successfully. Intentionally I who does not come from the same body of water say, because the Pike can be just fine to outsmart fish lures that are, for example, from the sea. Is the Pike can resist the smell of a mackerel or a stints is difficult. Generally, bait of scraps of work as well as the fish itself.

Other methods such as the trolling from a boat with dead bait fish, lures, plugs and lures on the towing system work out fine. Another method is to catch pike, spin fishing. Here, you can get Pike to the band on a huge variety of lures. For example, the jerking is a species of fish and the use of lures. Special Jerkbait used rods and bait here. Accordingly, wobblers, jerk or Crankbaits are an excellent bait for Pike. Pike can trick themselves into deeper layers of water as well as on the water surface.

This is so with the seasons, and thus where the Pike just reside. To omit not a segment that teaches as well Pike on the hook, there are of course also there the fly fishing. As well as other species of this technology to the victims fall can you successfully start, for example, larger streamers also Pike with the right bait.

If you fish for Pike, you should incorporate in particular the leader if possible his montages steel, to deliver the sharp Pike teeth design. Generally, the Pike is a fish that can be successfully fishing all year round. The best seasons are probably the autumn and the winter. Not for nothing called on cold, sunny days weather Pike, that exists only in the winter months.