Overview: First Look at the Samsung Galaxy S (III) 4 G LTE and So Much Fail iPhone 5

Our site have seen closer to 4 g version of Samsung’s top model, as well as iPhone 5 launch in Danish shops. Here are the week’s most-read articles.

The past week has featured sales start of Apple’s popular iPhone 5 in Danish shops, which was a week later than in the first nine countries. It has also meant that the first error is starting to show up.

There has, among other things, proved to be some paint problems, but especially the new map service Apple Maps, has been a lot of criticism along the way.

Sales start in Denmark has not been without problems – our site learns that there has been burgled twice in the postal cars, which have had to deliver the phones to telecommunications business.

Our site has looked closely at the upcoming 4 g-version of top model Samsung Galaxy S (III), which you can see in the below web-TV feature.

It has also been confirmed by Samsung to roll out Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for the Samsung Galaxy S (III) begins in the month of October.