Overview: All about iPhone 5 Launch in Denmark

Customers stood in line for over 18 hours, waiting for the new iPhone 5. Here you can get an overview of the entire Danish launch.

The weeks after the announcement of the iPhone 5 has featured massive publicity for the world’s most valuable company, Apple. And week 39 has been no exception.

For many iPhone fans have this week been increased tension, for Mobilsiden.dk, it has been going on in preparation for the iPhone 5 launch in Denmark.

The night of the 27th. and 28. September came so, Apple’s iPhone 5 was launched on the Danish market, and that meant being busy with the country’s many night telecommunications shops.

At our site, we have followed the launch in Denmark at close range in the streets of Copenhagen, where we together with customers have been waiting in suspense.

Below you can get a complete overview of the night Danish launch, where we have spoken with expectant telcos and, above all, customers.