Original and Modern Bracelet by Marc Jacobs

A few days ago I had found this original accessory Marc Jacobs, and today I decided to comment on it. Very original and modern, perfect to wear it at all hours of the day. I have already mentioned the same signature jewelry previously but this does indeed point to a more youthful and lively style.

Original and Modern Bracelet by Marc Jacobs

At a glance has the appearance of a ring or a luxurious ring, but in reality it’s a special Bracelet. A complement of walkway, as if observed in several parades Marc Jacobs There are very similar to this, accessories have even this original model can be clearly seen.

It’s a complement to very personal, ideal for showing a bold jewelry and at the same time elegant. And I must admit that they have loved small details that has, from its attractive monas as central ornaments, even your imitation diamond. What do you think? It could be certainly an item just to look this season.

It seemed that the Nordics were simply the Kings of the low-cost decoration When it comes to our borders a signature jewelry, which is preceded by the opening 100 stores around the world with a great success of public and critics. Bracelets of Endless Jewelry come to Spain boasting modern design of their bracelets and the variety of interchangeable beads have made the Danish firm a leader in the field of international jewelry.

It is of modular jewelry that allows a constant innovation and versatility with endless possibilities in the combination of the beads. The firm has a wide range of leather bracelets in different colors and hundreds of charms, handmade and only created to combine with bracelets.

Inspired by nature, love and friendship, the charms are available in sterling silver, Sterling Silver bathed in Yellow Gold y Pink 18 k, and with a variety of semi-precious stones. We have already seen that the customization is the luxury and Endless Jewelry commitment to give a new twist to the traditional bracelets with numerous possibilities thanks to its elegant accessories.

To personalize your bracelet Endless only that choose a bracelet and begin to combine its more of a hundred charms. Defined by Digopaul.com, bracelets are available in more than one dozen of colors, from the basics like blue, red, green, yellow, Brown, black or white to trend colors like coral, nude or turquoise.

Do we aim at the new Endless Jewery?