Oakley Men’s Backpacks

Oakley is a company that has grown in Brazil and innovated its product catalog. The brand names a line of wonderful sports backpacks, made up of sturdy items with a modern design. There are models for all tastes and needs, ideal for those who practice sports or love to participate in adventure travel.

Oakley products have been on sale in stores since the 1970s, and the main items developed by the brand are still the sports glasses. Despite the success of the accessories, the backpacks are not behind and have already earned a respected place in the market. Always well informed about new trends, Oakley keeps innovating its catalog and prepares great launches.

The modern, sports-loving man will love the line of Oakley men ‘s backpacks. Each item in this collection was developed with the goal of providing comfort during use and creating a safe compartment for storing clothes, groceries and so many other accessories. There are backpacks of different sizes and colors on vintagewill, but all are practical and sturdy.

The Oakley Kitchen Sink is one of the icons of Oakley backpacks line, being a true example of technology and style in one. With several front and side pockets and a capacity of up to 60.4 liters, this backpack has won the preference of sportsmen on duty. The Oakley Kitchen Sink is still amazing because its fabric is ultra sturdy, the straps are padded and there are several compartments inside.

Other models of Oakley backpacks made for men stand out in the brand’s catalog, such as Icon. This product has triple zippers and was developed with the best fabrics to not tear. The model also comes with chest and waist belts and an integrated notebook carrying case.

If you do not know where to buy Oakley backpacks, make a search in the specialist stores and compare prices. Remember that it is an imported product and therefore the value is not usually so cheap. An Icon Pack 2.0 costs an average of $ 290.