Nokia Lumia 920 Goes to Attack on the iPhone 5

iPhone 5 has the world’s most advanced display according to Apple, but what about Nokia Lumia 920? See the result here.

The fall has so far featured several innovations in the mobile industry, and most recently, Nokia and Apple both launched new top products.

Both products were presented with the screen as one of the focus points. At Apple, it was the monitor’s size and its Retina quality, with Nokia was, among other things, focusing on PureMotion HD +.

According to Apple’s Phil Schiller is the screen of the iPhone 5 world’s most advanced, but who has the best screen of the two?

You have to believe a just released comparison of the two screens, so the result is completely different, here it is for Lumia 920 which gives iPhone 5 rear wheel.

The big comparison of the two screens can be seen on the picture below, or by clicking here.